About Us

Companies in the pest control market space focus on a single "breakthrough" technology around a combination of essential oils, or source products from Asia that anyone can buy. There seems to be little innovation, and few options fo r new products.

Our model is different. We are pest control technology experts - our staff has years of experience bringing novel products to market, and we partner with university, government and military experts to develop new products.

It's all we do, and we do it well.

Our Partners (past and present):

Washington State University Entomology

(development of a tick trap)

Rutgers Center for Vector Biology

(development of auto-dissemination technology)

Simon Fraser University Pest Management

(development of pheromones and attractants)

University of Washington, Chemistry, Electronics, Aeronautics

(development of insect attractants, devices, trapping airflow dynamics , development of bio-glues, chemical attractants)

University of California Riverside, Entomology

(urban pest trapping, pheromone chemistry)

Tulane University, Department of Tropical Medicine

(development of the CDC AGO mosquito trap)


(development of tick trap)

Deployed War-Fighter Protection Program, Army Public Health Center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

(development of lethal ovitrap, novel tick control system)

Agencies that have provided research grants

*mention of a university or agency does not imply endorsement of BanfieldBio by that university or agency.

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